our Programs
Our Feeding Program
Sure an Firm Foundation Provides hot nutritional meals to orphans and less fortunate  children twice a dayplease join us pray forUSD$620.00 monthly to continually fund this project  your help and generous donation is needed
please go to our donote page and send us a donation
School of the future 
SChool of the FUTURE project
USDS $30,000.00 more needed to complete the project
here are other ways you can help us meet our goal to provide education to orphans and children
 buy one bag of cemement for $8.50USD
buy one brick or block of  for $1.00 USD
Distribution of Relief Clothing
The Sure and Firm Foundation  engage in periodic clothes distributionto orphns and and other children in our communities of mission.Many children cannot afford to change of clothing so they await relief and supplies distribution from the foundation we seek your partnership and support to continue our relief effort to our orphans and children
YOU MAY SEND YOUR DONATION OF CLOTHING or monetary donation to our USA Address please go to our donate or contact page