sure and Firm Foundation​​

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 Join Us To Support the Abandoned,  Underprivileged,  and Orphans Children in Liberia


Please help us support these orphan or suffering child in school Some of them need tuition A$25.00 per semester$50.00for the year and some need uniform  $15.00 per child
There are still some that need backpacks and school supplies to continue their education$65.00 You can also choose  to support a teacher monthly$35.00 stipend per month                                                     

Of Sure and Firm Foundation Ministries
•             Home Rental $ 1, 500.00 year
•             2 Television for the harvest Refuge Homes
•             2 VCR /DVD Player
•             1 Generator   USD $500.00
•             Religious DVD disk, videos, cassettes (e.g., Stories of Moses,Joseph,
Sampson, David and many more)
•             Computers (10-15 Sets)
•             Electric Type Writers (10-15 Sets)
•             Bibles, Children visual aids)
•             Tracts for distribution during our community outreach
•             Video projector (we will used this to witness to children in the
Community) and those un-save in our community
•             Bible Stories books and series
•             Coloring books, colorings, crayons, craft kits
•             Transportations (a van or bus to transport our children to other places most especially during outreach. Presently our children usually walk distance to witness of the goodness of Christ) USD $25000.00
•             Rice and other food items
•             Clothing and other assorted clothing
•             Blankets and Beddings (bedclothes, bedcovers, bed linen, quilt or comforter)
•             Toys
Send your gifts and donation to the
Refuge Baptist Church
6712-20 Upland Street, Philadelphia, PA. 19142